Batley Old Brass Band

Batley Old Brass Band was founded in 1878 as a brass and reed band, later converting to all-brass in the 1880s, when they started hosting brass band contests in Batley.


Batley Old Brass Band

Market Place, Batley WF17 5DA, UK

Greenhead Park & Brass Bands


They had successful contesting seasons throughout the 1890s. Tom Stubley was bandmaster from 1893-1910, followed by J. Eaton until 1913. Eaton reminisced in 1913 in the periodical British Bandsman, about the rehearsals of the late 1870s, where bandsmen came together to chat, tease and banter, before practice:

‘We used to have some pleasant hours in the old bandroom. There were plenty of cracks and holes about the place, and I remember that when it was frosty the gas meter used to be frozen. All used to sit around chaffing and telling tales until the fire burnt up; the meter […] would be placed on the fire to thaw.’19

By 1900 ‘Shoddythorpe’ noted the enlivening atmosphere of the band supper, the band’s annual celebration of their achievements, writing ‘Of all the happy evenings in my life this was the best. Batley Band can play, and they also know how to hold an annual supper.’20

From 1900-1907 the band played regularly in Huddersfield’s Greenhead Park Concerts. They often performed Selections of Sphor’s Works (Arr. J. Glandney), Selection of Beethoven’s Works (Arr. J. Gladney) and Souvenir De Meyerbeer (Arr. E. Swift). The band was active until the 1940s.

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