Honley Brass Band

Honley Brass Band was formed in 1865, and, through various name changes, exists today as the Yorkshire Traction Honley Band. From the 1880s their instruments were most likely purchased from, and repaired by, T. Reynolds, instrument manufacturer, of Chapel Street, Manchester, who, in 1901, listed the band amongst their ‘regular customers for the last 20 years.’ 21


Honley Brass Band

Holmfirth, UK

Greenhead Park & Brass Bands


From their earliest days they took part in many contests, including events hosted by Batley Old Brass Band, and, by July 1902, at contests in Peel Park, Bradford, they were winning gold and silver medals. Like Batley Old Brass Band they also had annual band suppers. ‘Old Contester’, reporting in Brass Band News in 1908, noted that ‘Honley Band held their annual dinner at the Waggon and Horses Hotel, and a right good do it was too.’ The bandsmen were praised for their musicianship, good behaviour, and enthusiasm in raising funds for uniforms and instruments.

In 1887, the Huddersfield Daily Chronicle reported on Honley Brass Band’s Promenade Concert, writing: ‘Those who were present had a rich treat…provided for them in the performance of this band. The ensemble of the instrumentalists was almost perfection, whilst the difficult solo passages were given by the performers with a purity of tone and artistic finish, which was the best possible evidence of their proficiency.’23

The programme was as follows: ‘Chef d’oeuvre’ (T.E. Bulch), glee, Hobenlinden (T.Cooke), a selection of Beethoven’s Works, (Arr. Gladney), quadrille Jennette (Arr. H. Round), and a selection from Verdi’s Ernani (Arr. H. Round).

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