The Sex Pistols at Ivanhoe’s Night Club

The Sex Pistols last UK gig was held at Ivanhoe’s nightclub in Huddersfield on Christmas Day, 1977. The gig has become part of Huddersfield’s musical mythology, partly because two weeks later the band had broken up, and shortly afterwards Sid Vicious was dead. The gig was held in aid of firefighters who had been on strike for nine weeks, and were struggling to feed their children. The band gave two gigs, yet it is the afternoon’s performance for the firefighters’ children that created powerful memories.


The Sex Pistols at Ivanhoe’s Night Club

Manchester Road, Huddersfield, HD1 2JA, UK

Pop & Rock


The band gave away Sex Pistols-branded skate boards, tee shirts, albums and badges. Johnny Rotten handed out band merchandise and the children and teenagers hit the dance floor to boogie with Sid Vicious when disco tracks such as Boney M’s Daddy Cool and Baccara’s Yes Sir, I Can Boogie played.61

One attendee remembered, ‘The Sex Pistols had paid for EVERYTHING. The place was full of sweets and LPs, and you could just have anything you wanted! There [were] little kids of 10-years-old running about with T-shirts on with ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’. Young kids with that splattered all over it!’ Lindsey said, ‘I was overwhelmed with everything. There were tables of fruit, pomegranates and oranges. It was absolutely fantastic, what they put on for us.’62

In 2013 John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) said, ‘The gig at Ivanhoe’s was one of the highlights of mine and Sid’s career’. ‘It was a special Christmas for all.’63

The documentary – The Sex Pistols at Christmas:

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