Reggae Sound System Culture

Huddersfield has made a remarkable contribution to UK sound system culture. From Armagideon to Zion InnaVision, the Arawak club to Venn Street, Matamp to Axis Valv-a-tron, this unlikely location has been a stronghold of the British scene, yet has remained largely overlooked.

  • Armagideon (formerly Youthman)
  • Assassin
  • Axis Valv-a-Tron
  • Cassanova
  • City Link (formerly Django)
  • Crystal Vibration
  • Daddy Classic (formerly Imperial Lion)
  • Duke Warrior (formerly Majestic)
  • Earth Rocker
  • Earthstrong (formerly Jah Maka, Tappa Zukie, Federal and Wadada)
  • Gates of Zion
  • Ghost HiFi
  • Ital Warrior (formerly Macka B)
  • Jah Conqueror
  • Jah Lion
  • Jah Stone (formerly Prince Tubby’s)
  • King Broadway
  • King Iman
  • King Maestro (formerly Mount Zion)
  • Kingston Rock (formerly Earth Shaker)
  • Lion Youth
  • Metrograph
  • Mr Tremble
  • Natty Dread
  • Roots Tradition RoundBeat
  • Scorpion City
  • Sebastian
  • Shakatone Esquire
  • Sir Debonaire
  • Technics Worldbeat
  • Turbo Charge
  • Warika
  • Zion InnaVision

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